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Website Development in Dubai

Web Design and Development

Website Development is a complex process that involves not only creating an attractive design, but first of all, the development of structure and navigation, consistent with the objectives and features of the website, as well as the creation of the text properly optimized website that will attract targeted visitors and a top position in the search extradition.

ARK Solutions offers several services in the field of website designing and development in Dubai, and other Emirates. Also, Website Designing in Dubai or Website Development in Dubai specifically because the company is situated in Dubai and the sales and or technical team can setup a face to face meeting with you to give you satisfactory services of Website Designing in Dubai or Website Development in Dubai.

Development of websites with Ark Solutions involves several steps:

  1. Discussion with the client's goals of creating the website and its functions, the target audience creating a semantic kernel (the list of key phrases on which the website will be found by the search engines).
  2. Writing specification to develop the website, which includes the creation of the website structure, the development of navigation options, a description of user scenarios, creating composite schemes pages, defining the requirements for the content management system (CMS).
  3. Development of the text in accordance with stipulations of search engine optimization (SEO) and in accordance with the semantic kernel, each page is optimized for a different set of key phrases.
  4. Development of Web Design: The creation of a sketch the main and inner pages, layout templates css / html, drawing design elements, image processing and optimization.
  5. Assembly Website: Connect CMS, optimization of templates;create the structure, layout of text pages and meta tags, prescription Alt / Title to the images, setting up blogs and news modules.
  6. Testing Website, setting up hosting platform, publishing a site on the feeding website for indexing in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex and installation of meters attendance, registration services for webmasters in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex.
  7. Check accounts in Twitter, Facebook and setup RSS Broadcasts to improve the indexing and Increase WebsiteVisitors.

Development of websites with Ark Solutions involves regular contact with the client to discuss and clarify the characteristics of the website throughout the development process. However, the basic guideline for creating a website is a technical specification to be approved before the start of the work of designers, programmers and coders on the website. Website design is not complete, as soon as the final product is considered approved by the relevant technical specifications.

If you want to expand your business to the international market, it makes sense to translate the website into English (internationalization) or into the language of the audience, which will be calculated your services (localization). We will do for you any multi-language version of your website, along with the development of websites Ark Solutions offers its customers.