Technical Support

Technical Support

The need for information

Regular updates – oneof the key successes of your website. For accommodation, of course, need up to date information. News, press releases, price lists, photographs, in short, everything that makes life rewarding and attracts visitors. It is also important that an interesting and very useful resource will take first place in the list issued by the search engines. It thus ensures a constant influx of new visitors. Obviously, the news update – an important element of the program of support.

Technical Support and much more!

The main purpose of technical support is to an Internet resource client was kept in good working condition. In this case, all the tasks for its functioning completely pass us by. At your disposal website comes in fully working order, eliminating occur with the problem – ourconcern. Experts monitoring the functioning of the website and in case of any problems promptly and effectively eliminate them. The solution of technical problems, as the publication of the various projects on the Internet, setting up hosting, domain name renewals, as well as more fully assume our employees.

All questions related to the technical and information support sites, we solve efficiently and as quickly as possible. This gives you the ability to make time for more important things. How it all happens?

Working in ARK-SOL, experienced professionals i.e. graphic designers, programmers, web designers and other experts are engaged to the services of your website. After the implementation of all planned tasks to support mandatory step is to test the resource and, if necessary, making appropriate adjustments. All changes to the website before publishing necessarily agreed with the client, thus ensuring high quality updates. We provide detailed reports on the work carried out for any period, and regularly inform the client about the dynamics of website traffic.

Within the information support, we carry out:

  1. Regular updating of the active partition This applies to website services that require constant updates: news feeds, photo gallery, price lists, and catalogs etc. We also offer our services moderated forums, guest books, forms the "question and answer" and other interactive applications for your resource. Extras are scanned, recognition and correction of texts. Experts at the center of the support available to answer any questions that greatly save your time
  2. Editing or creating new sections of the website

    This may be necessary in the case of expansion of the client, updating tasks functioning of the website, due to changes in the algorithms of search engines indexing, as well as in some other situations. Solving these problems is fully transferred to our experts.

  3. Adapting materials for use on the Internet

    This service represents an adjustment of texts with the demands to the Internet content requirements. Also produced a full scan of graphic material (photographs, drawings) for compliance with the laws of screen graphics – allgraphics files are displayed correctly and quickly to boot. The main requirement for the fulfillment of which we are following, - compliancewith the requirements of the text search engines (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo), as well as informative and attractive content for the visitor.

During all the activities we provide reliable support for your website. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as failures, we always have a backup to restore. During the operation of the website is monitored admission reviews, emails, notes in the guest book and other data, which may indicate that the effectiveness of the portal. In this case, all the results are strictly recorded and delivered to the customer in a convenient format.

The technical support we offer:

What is the outcome?

After signing the contract for website support all the tasks associated with website’s services, we take on. We begin full-scale operation to the resource and accept full responsibility for the quality of its performance. The result of our work is a website with a clear, logical and user-friendly structure, informative and engaging content that is updated regularly, depending on the frequency of new information. Work is controlled by resource professionals, and the possibility of failure of some sort is completely excluded. Website search engine can be easily detected (correctly indexed) and displayed in the top line results of delivery. This, in turn, provides a regular and, importantly, increasing attendance.

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