Website promotion in Search Engines

Website promotion in Search Engines

Search engine optimization is designed to:

How does search engine optimization work?

Website of our customer takes 1stplace in the overall ranking by the search engine i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex etc. Crawler optimization is another form of Advertising?

What is the price of SEO-services?

We often have to deal with the view that the charges for the search engine optimization services are always overly priced, which is actually not right. Times of wild market SEO is rapidly fading. Now the market of search engine optimization is becoming more civilized, with its own laws, professional organizations and price limits. Supply and demand finally caught up, and the consumers have opportunity to choose suitable option. Accordingly, to offer services at prices well above the market average is problematic, because the consumer in this case just goes to competitors. In our company, the price of SEO Services is determined by a clear algorithm:

  1. Ranked customer's website

    There are many variables associated with the website, which may prevent or help-quality search engine promotion. Among the most important factors are:

    • Meta Tags
    • Domain Age
    • Navigation structure
    • A method of providing information (text / graphics / flash)
    • Number of unique content on the website
  2. Assess the level of competition

    This is one of the fundamental elements of the assessment. How high is the competition for your chosen keywords, variations in the keywords, number of searches etc. And the result of competition assessment, in turn, can vary by several times for different industries. So the difference between the budgets to promote the company engaged in UPVC Windows, and the company engaged in the retail sale of glassware, may be 2-4 times. The main tool for evaluating competitive analysis supports the SERPs using key words, as well as analysis of the strategies used to promote websites of competitors.

  3. Estimated Time

    Typically, a standard set of promotion includes a number of paid methods: buying links, paid placement of articles. References resulting from such activities can significantly speed up the process of indexing your website quality and improve it in search results. Typically, the time on the promotion is starts from 3 months. It should be noted that the first results of our work will be seen in a month after the start of work: the growth of the website positions, increased traffic, the first calls.

  4. Seasonal Competition

    There are a number of queries that are relevant only to a particular season, such as "ski" or "air conditioning". In anticipation of and in the peak season of competition increases dramatically on such requests and, consequently, increases the cost and promotion campaigns.

  5. Stipulated Warranty

    On how the client requires strong guarantees in the contract, the final budget also depends on the campaign. Sometimes the client is fundamentally first, sometimes the top 3, sometimes the top 10. And sometimes it is important for the client to target audience without reference to the positions. Accordingly, this value varies and also the campaign budgeting. After all, the guarantee – there are additional risks and it involves additional costs. If we take the number of keywords specifically, campaign results top ranking of 40% to 70% keywords, depending on the website parameters and competition.

  6. Based on the collective output of these factors, we determine the final size of the budget.