Mobile Point Of Sale Application

Mobile Point Of Sale Application

We don’t just have a digital menu, our solution is much more than that featuring a cloud-based and stat-of-the-art iPad POS (Point of Sale) for restaurants. Our iPad POS gives you complete control over your restaurant from anywhere in the world by giving you complete access to your restaurant operations.

Delivery and Take Away

Our iPad POS system organize all the delivery and take away orders which make it easier for the staff to [Home Delivery] quickly manage the whole list of orders and get them ready.

Complete Control

Our POS system is cloud-based solution and is accessible anytime and from anywhere doesn’t matter what is your current situation. You can see exactly how many tables are filled in your restaurant and what your customers are ordering and what total sale is today. Rich with features like sales reports, a classified client database, multiple sales points, and easy-to-use by any employee is best for your modern restaurant’s needs.

Cost Effective

Our iPad and Android POS system is very cost effective and comprehensive. With few taps of fingers it gives you whole picture of the day, week or month of the restaurant sales without hiring accountant to record and prepare accounts. Hardware and software cost is also almost 80% less than the usual restaurant POS systems and the size is also much smaller and sleek looking. Major features of Restaurant iPad POS System:

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