Media Advertising

Media Advertising

Search advertising, as we know, can be used as a tool for virtually any marketing challenge.

Media context is one of the types of search advertising. This is the banner 200x300 pixels, which is displayed on the search results page in the block on the right with reference to the keywords.

Thus, the media-context communication can solve two basic marketing objectives: to inform the general topic-interested audience about your company and your offerings, and the "working out" the existing demand.

The implementation of both problems in a single campaign can be guaranteed, while maintaining a high CTR for banner media. This fact is due to the properties of the product: prominent format and the right location. In the "best place" at the top of the screen the user is interested in your services and remembers your information, people click them and choose the place of purchase. Your banners at the top of the page have a high probability of responding to it.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is creative advertising banners which must simultaneously perform graphical-function as a trust worthy sign and showing your advantages compared with others, and thus encourages the purchase. Works well in such cases when there is information about special promotions.


In the media context is not explicitly included "selling" words / phrases. These phrases should be used only when buying the usual context shows (or special placement). Impression Share by "selling" phrases within the package should not exceed 3-5% of the total number of impressions with case. (Couldn’t get the idea paragraph – please review)


mobile phone, cell phone, SMS, operator logos, ringtones for mobile, etc. Accommodation on media context is not exclusive, i.e. the coincidence of conditions show a banner displays alternate. Place banners on media context are a lower priority than it shows on special placement. That is, the coincidence of conditions and the display of a banner showing special placement. Placement is made by thematic packages. The package is a list of key words / phrases specific thematic focus, without explicitly expressed targeting to "sell" requests (i.e. requests with a strong orientation toward the purchase of goods / services). Minimum packet size: 200 thousand requests per month. Minimum order: $1000 (per package) + VAT.(Couldn’t get the idea – please review)