Tools to improve the navigation menu in Joomla

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Tools to improve the navigation menu in Joomla

The menu plays a key role in the interpretation of the site. Menu well-organized and well-designed graphics, make it more engaging and effective navigation. Users will be encouraged to stay on the site if you fail to perceive that the inside will find content of interest to them.

To get more attractive menu and a simple and intuitive navigation, we can use animation tools such as Flash or jQuery. In this article we present some extensions that will allow us to integrate different types of menus in our website, using the mechanisms provided by Flash and jQuery, without necessarily knowing them in depth.

Chinch Menu

The first extension that is present Chinch Menu component at version 1.6, available for both version 2.5.x to 3.x Joomla, Once found and integrated component within the CMS by running the classic installation procedure for creating a new menu type accordion will need to position yourself in the section "Module Manager: Modules", presents inside the backend of Joomla CMS, where you will select the "New", at which point the system will require us to select the type of form to create, within the list proposed to us we will not have to do is locate the entry "Cinch Menu" as indicated by the circle red in the figure below.

Once the module is created, we are ready to customize it according to our needs; specifically you will have two separate sections for configuration: the left screen shows the details of the module, while the right screen advanced settings and options that can be associated to the menu.

With regard to the "Details" section, we can customize the title (which will also feature the name you give to the menu), decide whether or not the latter, the position at which to insert the menus within your pages and specify a range of display of the same. The more interesting part of the configuration is the right one, where we can customize the animation, size, and all the other menu settings, in particular, we can determine the CSS class to be assigned to the published form, the level and type of menu ( "Accordion" or "flyout") and define if we prefer that the sub menu are activated with a simple mouse click or to its passage, no less important is the definition of the duration of the animation introduced, as well as the width of the sub menu. Completing the customization options the opportunity to choose the direction of the animation and the background to be assigned.

DC Bullet List Accordion Menu

Another module that can come in handy if we decide to use an accordion menu using the jQuery library is "DC Bullet List Accordion Menu", now at version 2.5.0 and is compatible with both versions of Joomla 2.5.x that with the new 3. x, before you proceed to download the form, you must register (free anyway) on the official website .

When recording is finished, and after performing the integration of our module in Joomla according to the classic mode planned for the components, proceed to the configuration of the module positioning ourselves within the aforementioned section "Module Manager: Modules" in the back-end; selecting the "DC Bullet List Accordion Menu" we will be led into the configuration section of the module (Figure 3) in which we will be able to customize the level of the menu, decide whether or not to show the sub-menus, define the layout using alternative advanced options and determine the policy to be adopted in the eventual management of the cache.

Flash Floating Menu

Floating Flash Menu is a module that allows you to integrate within the pages of a Joomla menu based on Flash animations, it is available in both component and module that is now in version 1.0 compatible with Joomla 2.5.xe 3.x. Flash Floating Menu allows you to define menus in both portrait and landscape format, enriching them with icons in PNG, GIF and JPG of three different sizes.

The component can be removed from ' official address , but in this case in order to proceed to the download you will need to make a recording (free), completed this transaction will proceed to download the file "25_30_Module_FlashMenu_extract_first_Stable", which contains within it both the component of the module to be installed. The first thing to do is just installing the part (file ""), then continue with the installation of the module ("").

Completed installation operations you must proceed to the activation and configuration of the module, also in this case, as shown in Figure 4, then we will have the possibility to configure both the details that the basic options, in particular, in the basic options we select the type of menu to use (horizontal or vertical) and possibly the size to be associated with the same.

If the component installation is successful, the menu "Components" of the back-end of Joomla will find space a new entry: "Flash menu" which, when selected, will allow us to configure the settings and upload new icons to use in our menu.

In case you want to create a new menu using the mechanisms just integrated into Joomla we position ourselves in the "Module Manager: Modules", select "New", select the type of module "FlashMenu" and set the appropriate settings.

The line

We end our journey in extensions for presenting the menu line extensions, a set of types of menus developed in Flash customized for our Joomla extensions available to date are only available for the 2.5.x version of the CMS but should soon be released even those fully compatible with Joomla 3.x

The menus edited by flashxml, can be customized in terms of animation, roll over, size, sound effects, etc.., Customization is via the setting of the directives contained in the file "settings.xml" in the folder "flashxml / textmenufx /".

For example, we can easily include a simple form PopMenu horizontal format using "Horizontal PopMenu Fx ", you can directly set the size options to associate with the menu, and the effect Flash and the path (" path ") which contains the Flash component to use.

As already said previously Flashxml allows to use different types of menu flash, it will be also possible to opt for a multilevel menu via the component " Multilevel Menu Fx ", or make use of a drop-down menu integrating within Joomla with" Dropdown Menu FX ", the text that you will use will be manageable via HTML / CSS and formatted according to the specifications of orientation and alignment by us.

We conclude our overview of the menu-style flash, indicating the presence of "Slide Menu FX", it enables to propose our slide-style menu, the menu and the slides are customizable in size, effects, over / out and background, and of course cannot miss the customization of text and animations associated with the individual menu items.


In this article, some tools have been proposed, in particular modules and components, through which optimize, stylize, organize, animate and graphically improve the navigation of a Web site based on Joomla.

Tools to improve the navigation menu in Joomla

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