Joomla, Integrating Social Buttons

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Joomla, Integrating Social Buttons

The ability to integrate the buttons for social networks within a Web site divides in many cases the webmaster, in fact, some believe that all the tools that somehow they can remove from a site are potentially harmful, this is because once the 'user leaves a page, it would be difficult to go back, while others argue that a "like" posted on a bulletin board, or the sharing of a news story from someone with many contacts can bring "free advertising" in a short time, resulting in a increase in views.

In this article we will focus in particular on a component that allows you to simultaneously integrate the major social networks on our website, the plugin in question is called "Facebook-Twitter-Google +1", created by Salvatore Saba. But let us not be misled by the name, in fact, this component will also integrate buttons for LinkedIn and Pinterest , then embracing the main social platforms currently in use.

Install plugin Facebook-Twitter-Google +

The plugin Facebook-Twitter-Google + , now in version 2.7, is released under the GPLv2 license and is compatible with both version 2.5 and with that the 3.x Joomla. You can download it from Special Section of the Developer's Website, once you downloading the component you can install by using the standard procedure of Joomla, to make active the plugin, it will then proceed in the section " Management Plugins: Plugins "back-end and activate the" Content - Facebook-Twitter-Google +1 ".

Settings plugin Facebook-Twitter-Google +

Subsequently, activation, we will configure the plugin. The section dedicated to this procedure is divided into two distinct sub-sections: one concerning the "basic options" and one dedicated to "advanced options".

We focus our attention in the first instance on the basic options and in particular on the "Plugin Settings", from here we can enable the various buttons and boxes of social networks, in particular, will be able to activate the classic button "like" the Facebook social network ( Enable entry through the FB Like Button), the automatic sharing of an article (Enable FB Share Button) and the button for entering comments (Enable FB Comments Box).

With regard to other social such as Twitter, +1, LinkedIn, Pinterest and FB Photo, we can choose whether to enable or disable the display of the button.

The order of placement of the buttons can be customized at will using the criterion "weight" (as shown in figure 1), each key will have a position from one to six, will also be possible to enable the automatic recognition of the user's native language and possibly ignore the pagination of the comments.

Figure 1. positioning of the social buttons

Placing the social buttons

Content and social buttons

In addition to deciding where to place the web page, the buttons of social networks, we may decide in which content categories and these buttons should not be included (Figure 2), and choose which area arrange and display the buttons inside the 'Article, and in particular you can opt for three different alternatives, ranking first article, after the post content as well as in both positions ("both").

Figure 2. Setting the social buttons

Setting the social buttons
Joomla, Integrating Social Buttons

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