Cut out pictures with Photoshop CS5 and Technology

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Cut out pictures with Photoshop CS5 and Technology

One of the most important innovations of Photoshop CS5 is definitely the new simplified management of the selection procedure.

We can say goodbye to lengthy and complicated process steps to cut out one element of an image, as did previous versions of the software: thanks to technology Truer Edge, you can cut out parts of a photo with just a few clicks, avoiding unsightly artifacts or grain. The new engine Truer Edge, in fact, allows to Photoshop CS5 to recognize autonomously areas of complex selection, such as the hair or the fur of the animals. All to the advantage of the speed of processing: we are talking about operations, hand-made, would require a long time and much patience. Let's see in detail the operation of this new technology.

We prepare the area to select

To easily show the new speed dial Photoshop CS5 , it is useful to employ a female human figure (Figure 1), in order to verify the results secured by Truer Edge selection on the hair.

Figure 1

Female figure to be selected

We start by making an initial selection classical, as well as customary for Photoshop CS4 .Mode in Quick Mask , pennelliamo the area around the girl's face (Figure 2). You do not need to be perfect, the new engine selection will eliminate any inaccuracies. This is the case of some curls at the bottom left, deliberately poorly selected: we will see in the next step asTruer Edge will eliminate this error. Once you exit the mode quick mask , we will have a normal selection of the silhouette of the model (Figure 3).

Figure 2

Selection in Quick Mask mode

Figure 3

Selecting classic silhouette

We improve the yield of exploiting Truer Edge selection

At this point, we are ready to take advantage of innovations in Photoshop CS5. We add a layer mask to the image just changed, then select the mask and click with the right mouse button.From the context menu choose Refine Mask : will open the window of the functions that make use of the engine Truer Edge (Figure 4).

Figure 4

Options Refine Mask

From the drop-down menu to display , choose Black and White . Through the brush of Edge Detection , come to reveal the parts cut from the classic selection, such as the outer area of the hair. You will see the immediate difference with previous versions of Photoshop, just simply note how the strands of hair are highlighted (Figure 5). Should we not be satisfied with the result, you can redefine the size and sensitivity of radius , always the option Edge Detection and Rule margin . Reached a satisfactory quality, press OK to confirm our selection (Figure 6).

Figure 5

Options edge detection dui hair

Figure 6

Selection is complete


Technology Truer Edge in Photoshop CS5 has allowed us to considerably reduce the amount of work needed for the precise selection of a template. The same result was achieved in this case with very few steps, would have required a lot of time with previous versions of Photoshop. Innovation is especially evident for all those elements which, in the past, requiring constant attention and millimeter precision, such as the selection of hair or the coat of animals.



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Cut out pictures with Photoshop CS5 and Technology

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