Color decontamination and optimization of the edge

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Color decontamination and optimization of the edge

When you select and eliminates a part by using the tools Quick Selection and Magic Wand , often there is opposite to inaccuracies and artifacts that require, in most cases, the patient manual intervention to be eliminated. Thanks to the innovations of Photoshop CS5 , you can eliminate residual halos and soften the edges of selections in a few steps. The new version of editing software Adobe makes it possible to eliminate fringe effects and margins.

thanks to the decontamination of color and all ' optimization of the edges

Prepare the selection

If we want to extract the silhouette of a model, thus separating it from the background of an image (Figure 1). First, we proceed by selecting the shape with the tools Magic Wand andQuick Selection , hold down Shift to combine them with each other (Figure 2).

Figure 1

Silhouette be extracted from the

Figure 2

Selecting classic silhouette

Going to eliminate the background (Figure 3), we will notice the visual artifacts that go to decrease the quality of the image and, for this reason, are intended to be eliminated. We speak, in particular, the effect of the zigzagged contour of the figure and, not least, of the halo greyish that surrounds parts of the image, such as the arms of the model. These visual effects arising from the separation of the template from its background: the zigzag outline emerges from the mere removal of the excess parts of the selection, the gray halo depends on the difficulty of the software to distinguish the colors of the model from those of the wall behind. In previous versions of Photoshop, in most cases we would have to patiently eliminate these artifacts manually with the Eraser tool . In the next step we will see how Photoshop CS5 will allow us to do the same with a few clicks.

Figure 3

Background suppression

Decontamination and optimization

Recovering from Figure 2, rather than delete the background, click with the right button inside the selection and choose Refine Edge . Will appear on the screen the options window for edge enhancement and decontamination of color (Figure 4), already encountered in the section devoted to the novelty of the technology Truer Edge . Option Edge Detection , activate Advanced Radius and move the slider to taste until we reach a satisfactory level of smoothness of the outline of the model. We can also act on the slider adjusts the margin to obtain more precise results, in particular with Smooth and Move board . We use the brush in case it is necessary, as for example to improve the shoulder area of the figure depicted in the photograph. We note that, immediately and without complications, our image will lose quell'antiestetico zigzagging effect. At this point, we just have to eliminate the gray haze around some parts of the template. From the same window, choose decontaminate colors : moving the slider to the right, the effect fringe will be progressively eliminated, making the colors consistent with the silhouette of the model. From the pulldown menu, we can choose the type of mask on which to apply the function of decontamination. Awarded the desired quality (Figure 5), press on OK .

Figure 4

Window decontamination and optimization

Figure 5

Application and optimization of decontamination


Photoshop CS5 provides a controlled much more powerful, but simple at the same time, the optimization of the edges of an image and the elimination of the effects of fringe. Thanks to the tools of edge enhancement and decontamination of the color, in a few steps you can get parts cropped soft, without halos and zigzagature. An operation of this kind, made ​​with previous versions of the software, would take a massive manual intervention, resulting in a time dilation work.



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Color decontamination and optimization of the edge

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